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Potential Tales of the Night Side

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Name:Lorne's Diner
Posting Access:Anybody

Lorne's Diner is a place to explore the potential of melagan's Sensual Magic universe. The world where John Sheppard is a vampire and Rodney McKay is not. It's a world of vamps and magical creatures known as Potentials; a world of time travel and rescues; a world of mysteries and dangers; a world of love, passion, and need.

Lorne's Diner is a place where things happen; it's a place for the characters and their untold stories. The who, what, when and why are up to you. Because sooner or later, everybody comes to Lorne's Diner.

Lorne's Diner is open to fic, art, meta, discussion... just about anything to do with the people and creatures who inhabit this alternate universe, from past to present and beyond.

The Rules

If you're posting more than a drabble, please put your entry behind a cut. Fic may be posted directly to the comm, or linked back to your journal. Either way, we'd like you to have a standard header on all fic entries:

(feel free to add anything else to your header)

NSFW: Any and all artwork deemed to be NSFW must be placed behind a cut. If you'd like to display a teaser, it must also be work safe.

Community icons are up for grabs.

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